Trusting your Veterinarian

Integrity Above All

Our pets make our lives more meaningful.  They do so without words, but with unconditional love.  Whether you taught them obedience or they taught you patience, each moment is held precious.

For their first checkup and vaccinations, you took them in to see a veterinarian.  When they got sick or hurt, you followed a veterinarian’s advice.  And each time, your little animal friend followed along, trusting in you and a veterinarian.

When our pets, our animal friends, reach the end of their life, we must make one of the more difficult decisions we have had to make on their behalf.  When making the after-death care decisions, trust in your veterinarian and lean on their experience once more .

More veterinarians trust Ames Diversified Services, LLC for cremation arrangements than any other animal cremation service provider in Arizona.  Ask your veterinarian why.

Setting the Standard

When you let your veterinarian send your pet for cremation, what happens?  In the past, cremation services would send people to retrieve pets for cremation from veterinary hospitals in pick-up trucks.  Cremains would come back in 7-10 business days in a baggie.  AMES changed that.  AMES sends trained field representatives to retrieve deceased animal companions from veterinary clinics in a covered refrigerated van.  Cremains are then returned within 3-4 business days in an urn.  Cremains from group or communal cremations do not go to the land fill.  Those cremains are returned to mother earth to give new life.

Need for Trust

Dr. Michael Ames, DVM, after graduating from CSU in 1987, opened up a veterinary clinic in Douglas, Arizona.  His clients would often times ask after receiving cremains back, “How do I know if its my pet’s ashes in the urn?”  Dr. Ames decided to buy a small crematory and put it in the barn behind the clinic.  He could now say, “I did the cremation and know it is your pet’s ashes in that urn.”

Since 1992, Ames Diversified Services, LLC began doing cremations for colleagues of Dr. Ames throughout Southern Arizona. Ames Diversified Services, LLC (AMES) now serves more than 260 veterinarians in Arizona and offers cremation services in the Front Range of Colorado.