Ames Diversified Services, LLC (AMES) works exclusively through veterinarians.  Whether you’re a small clinic or a 24/7 ER clinic, AMES will offer you the same level of quality service.  Some of the services AMES offers through veterinarians are found below.

Cremation ServicesDouglas Facility

  • Cremation with Ashes Returned
  • Communal or Group Cremation
  • Witnessed Cremation
  • Absolute Private Cremation
  • Equine Cremation

AMES uses a tracking system which requires a qualified individual to sign off for every part of the cremation process.  From the time of pickup from the veterinary clinic to the return of the cremains, each pet is treated with dignity and respect. Although AMES assigns a Cremation ID Disc to each pet for an added level of security, all pets are identified by the pet’s name and owner’s last name.


Urn Services

Wall of urnsVeterinary clinics using AMES have the option to offer a wide variety of urns and engraving services to pet owners.  The pet’s name and owner’s last name are labeled on every urn.  An engraved nameplate can be included if desired.  Some urn styles can be engraved directly.







Grief Counseling

If only life had GPS. Sometimes we need an extra hand to continue forward. Companion Animal Association of Arizona (CAAA) offers a very professional service to those looking for that extra support. For more information regarding pet grief support, please contact CAAA at 602.995.5885 or online at