Ames Consolidated

Dr. Ames working on urnsAmes Diversified Services, LLC (AMES) offers its own selection of wood urns handmade in Douglas, Arizona. As more and more urn manufacturing moves to China and India, AMES takes great pride in offering these urns to you.  AMES receives large orders of cedar wood that is used to make the Standard Cedar urn you see below. Each urn is built by hand by one of three individuals. AMES takes great pride in the Arizona Series hardwood urns.  The individual who makes an AZ Series urn signs the interior rim of the urn.  The signature is viewable when all four screws are removed from the bottom.





Standard Cedar

Standard Cedar

Arizona Series

AZ Series Urns 2014



If you have a special wood request make it known to your veterinarian.  AMES can usually accommodate the request.  Maple, Cherry, Lyptus, Mahogany, Walnut, and Oak are normally kept in reserve or in stock.  AMES has filled orders for urns made out of Purple Heart, Birch, Alder, and most recently Mesquite.  Please send your request through your veterinary service provider to receive an accurate quote and an estimated delivery date.